Minecraft Swatting Arrest: 13-Year-Old Teen Busted For Swatting Minecraft Rival

(photo credit: minecraft.en.softonic.com)

(photo credit: minecraft.en.softonic.com)

A 13-year-old Camarillo, Calif. teen has been arrested for swatting at least three different people, including a Minecraft rival.

According to Kotaku, “The boy made two of the calls to nearby addresses, one for his teacher, another targeted at a ‘female classmate.’ The third call, however, was to New Jersey, aimed at what Ars Technica reports was a ‘rival Minecraft gamer’.”

Police were allegedly already investigating the boy for one of the instances in which he used his computer to anonymously call in a “domestic terrorism” complaint to the police department at the home of one of his enemies. Because of the threat for real violence, the SWAT team (hence the term “Swatting”) must respond to these sorts of calls, even though, by now this “prank” is known, cliché, and tired.

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Because of his young age, the teen was released to his mother and will likely experience some manner of probationary punishment from the courts. There hasn’t been a report yet on what the rival did to warrant a Swatting, but it probably had to do with copying his build (lousy copycats).

It’s strange that people are shocked by the young age of troublemakers when 4chan is one of the most popular websites for young people. If they had 4chan when I was 13, I would be in jail too.

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