Minecraft Videos: 11 of The Best Buildings In Minecraft

(photo credit: wallpaperforcomputer.net)

(photo credit: wallpaperforcomputer.net)

Minecraft is popular because it speaks to man’s greatest ability: to find oneself alone in a strange place and then build an empire from nothing. Or if you still need Minecraft to be simplified, it’s Legos for the new era of 10-year-olds. Microsoft’s purchase of the platform hasn’t hurt its popularity any, as one of the top SEO searches is Minecraft Videos. And since we want you to really, really like us, we’ve dedicated this little piece of internet to finding you the 11 best buildings in Minecraft. Gaze upon the spectacle:

11. Barbie Dream House

Did you know that Barbie’s Dream House could be created out of Minecraft blocks? Okay, did you know then that someone WOULD take the time to build Barbie’s Dream House out of blocks?

10. Minecraft Whorehouse

We’d be lying if we said this was the only whorehouse built in Minecraft land. It’s a strange place — punny though.

9. Minecraft Cruise Ship

Sail the seven seas in blocky elegance with this amazing cruise ship design.

8. Twin Towers

Say what you want about their insensitivity, this is an impressive build and a beautifully orchestrated video.

7. McDonald’s

Welp, answers that question about obese Minecrafters.

6. Minecraft White House — Fully Furnished

Forget the old Minecraft White House — this new one is soooooo much better. Now we just need a Minecraft Kevin Spacey to move in and start manipulating and murdering.

5. Mazik Palace

These types of Xbox buildings are a little too polished, so we didn’t want to feature them in our fun list, but you can’t ignore the beauty of this.

4. Minecraft Dinosaur Museum

I could do without the guy constantly explaining he’s the new night guard here, but otherwise, pretty damn cool.

3. Minecraft Game of Thrones Kings Landing

Okay, so this is more of a city than a building but who is really complaining?

2. Calculator Building

Didn’t know you could live in a giant functioning calculator? In Minecraft, all is possible. As long as you don’t monetize.

1. The Simpsons House

Okay, fine, we love The Simpsons (at least our memories of it), so when Minecraft builds their house, we must watch.


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