Miranda Sings Tour Dates: The YouTube Star Takes Her Fans To Summer Camp


YouTube fans are already freaking out about the possibility of a sleepover with Tyler Oakley, but now we can all add another special event to our calendars: Summer Camp with Miranda Sings. The superhumanly entertaining YouTube songstress is hosting a camp themed summer tour across cities in the Midwest and northeast. Based on this success of her recent UK tour it seems likely that this one will also be a blockbuster success.

The demand for live appearances by internet stars just keeps growing. What was once solely the province of musical acts has grown to include comedians, vloggers and Vine stars. Fans once content to see their favorites on a group billing at festivals like Playlist Live or Digitour are now willing to sign up for solo shows by some of YouTube’s most popular stars.

You can find all the dates for Miranda’s Summer Camp tour below. Tickets are currently available, but with a pricetag of $30 each they’re likely to sell out fast.


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