MsLabelled Is The Devil Wears Prada For The YouTube Web Series Set

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So a web series in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada isn’t something I knew I was missing in my life, but here we are. Going down like Cosmopolitans in a Manhattan speakeasy, MsLabelled will pull you in and keep you rolling all night. I was four episodes in before I realized what was happening and there is drama aplenty to keep you fed throughout. It’s a good show is what I’m saying.

Borrowing HEAVILY from the Devil/Prada concept, the story surrounds Ella, the new gopher at Label, a trendy fashion media empire. Ella from the get-go is torn down by her coworkers and subjected to the special sort of infighting that seems to come with working in a creative space. But the face of the Label empire, Jeanne Beker, has directed her to start a blog and if it does well, Ella can sit next to her at runways during NY Fashion Week — top honors.

Started by VerveGirl TV, which is backed by production company Shift2 and recently signed with Defy Media, MsLabelled operates in the same manner as Carmilla, the channel’s other series. Utilizing the sort of fourth-wall destroying vlog narrative, we are more a character in the room than a fly in the wall. Speaking directly to the camera, Ella invites us into the world of fashion and the hell that comes in equal doses with the glamour. Or maybe the hell outweighs the glamour?

What more can I say than this is a “must watch” for those of you who like the backstabbing and competitive nature of prep school drama set in a high stakes media inferno. Empire has ended for the season, why not check out MsLabelled?

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