Natalia Kills Controversy – Music Monday


The internet is very mad at Natalia Kills. According to Twitter she’s a jerk, a meanie, a bully, and a no talent has-been and/or never was. Of course, none of that answers the most pressing question on everyone’s mind: just who the f*ck is Natalia Kills? Fortunately for us the internet is just a series of tubes dedicated to teaching us things, and when it comes to our pop culture education YouTube is greatest tube of all. So come with us as we dedicate today’s #MusicMonday to teaching you everything you need to know about the goth-pop Gaga-knockoff the world knows (or at least has heard of) as Natalia Kills.

One upon a time there was a girl named Natalia Cappuccini. A natural performer drawn to the spotlight, Natalia launched her career at an early age not as a singer, but as an actress appearing a couple of sitcoms before landing a spot on the long running British soap Coronation Street.


Acting, however, wasn’t her real passion. Natalia had the champagne wishes and eyeliner dreams of a popstar. Like any good millennial she got her start posting her music on MySpace, building a social media following that would take her to music festivals in LA and ultimately land her a spot on Will.I.Am’s label. Her biggest credit during this period was co-writing and later featuring on the track “The Talk Shit About Me” with French artist M. Pokora.



It was at this point, following the advice of her label, that she changed her name from the delicious sounding Natalia Cappuccini, to the somewhat more evocative Natalia Kills. She based her stage name on the desire to “kill it” in the music industry, and kill it she did, with “Mirrors,” her first and arguably most successful single off her debut album Perfectionist.



The dark dance single hit right at the height of the Lady Gaga inspired electropop craze led some bloggers to dub Kills, with her gothpop aesthetic and hooky singles, a contender for pop superstardom. But while a few of her early singles charted in Europe, nothing off of Perfection made a dent in the critical US or UK charts. Instead she followed up her debut with a slew of appearances supporting a host of touring pop princesses from Kesha and Kelis, to Robyn and Katy Perry.



All that high powered promo failed to turn Kills into a competitive superstar, so after featuring on a handful of singles for artists like Junior Caldera and LMFAO’s “Champagne Showers.”



It was back to the studio where she recorded her second studio album Trouble and released the video for aptly titled first single “Controversy” (which is surely getting some extra Google search hits today).


Her second album also failed to “blow up” as the youths say, but in 2014 Natalia Kills married an actual human being who is really named Willy Moon, a New Zealand based pop star.



Her marriage to Moon is what brought Kills to her most recent role as a judge on the New Zealand spin-off of Britain’s popular reality sing-off The X-Factor.



Which, of course, is where it all went awry as Kills went off on a contestant she felt had appropriated her husband’s personal style. The tirade earned Kills a “bully” label that the internet won’t soon let her forget and saw both Kills and Moon fired from the program.



On the up side, it looks like Natalia Kills’ Google trends report is finally looking a bit more rosy. On the downside, the petition to get she and her husband booted from X-Factor got more hits than any of her recent singles.


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