New YouTubers To Watch: Fine Bros Fund Six New Shows From Fresh Creators


Benny and Rafi Fine are, without a doubt, two of the most successful creators on YouTube, having racked up over 11.8 million subscribers on their main channel. The Fine Bros, as they are collectively known, have also been expanding their YouTube empire with a spinoff channel based on their “React” franchise and a handful of other successful projects, like transmedia web series MyMusic. The Brothers are also busy off of YouTube with multiple television projects including a recently announced series for TruTV. That’s a full plate even for the most driven creators, which is probably why they’re calling in reinforcements.


The Fines have announced that they’re looking to fund and host between six and twelve new original web series on their main channel. All the new shows will receive a provisional order of 3-5 episodes, with the most promising and successful being renewed based on views. The Fines have no plans to stop or slow down production of content for their multiple channels, but the addition of new creators will likely provide some breathing room in a packed schedule while keeping content consistently flowing on their main channel.

Aside from funding, new creators will benefit from exposure to the Fines’ large existing audience. That audience is already primed to accept a wide variety of scripted and unscripted content, making it the ideal place to launch a new series. As we are constantly reminded, millions of hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube every day. Much of it is high quality content that struggles to find an audience amidst the noise of the platform. The idea of established channels reaching out to emerging creators is not a new one, but it’s likely to become more popular as successful YouTubers begin taking on new challenges. Creators like the Fine Bros, who already offer a diverse array of content on their channel, have the opportunity to incubate a whole new generation of YouTube talent.

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