Old School Video Games: Throwback Thursday

With all the cutting-edge gaming news happening lately, sometimes it’s nice to remember the simplicity of vintage video games from our childhoods. This Throwback Thursday is all about our favorites.

Evan DeSimone

When most people talk about classic video games the conversation always drifts back to Nintendo. For me though, it’s always been about Sega. My first gaming platform was a Sega Genesis and the first game I ever owned was “Sonic The Hedgehog.” From the brightly colored 8-bit graphics to the anxiety inducing carnival music, this game had everything you needed to keep a gang of sugared-up 12-year-olds and a slumber party super overstimulated. While I had quite the reputation for clearing levels back in the day, even I couldn’t do it as fast as the dude in this video. That’s probably for the best though.

Jeff Klima

I like this video not just because it’s “Mega Man,” my all-time favorite video game series, but because of the voiceover work by Clement. Not only does he not give a f**k, but neither did “Mega Man.” They developed their character and look in 1986 and have scarcely changed a thing. They just changed the names of the bosses (pretty much) and cashed the checks every time some asshole like me bought a game. And yet, I’ve never had a problem with it: I love the Mega Man series. If I was going to get a tattoo of a classic video game character, it would be a Mega Man just absolutely using his blaster cannon to destroy my … well, you know what? Let’s concentrate on the vid. As Clement admits, he just recorded the footage a while back and slapped a nonchalant voiceover to it. Somewhere, Capcom, makers of the Mega Man series, are nodding their heads in approval.

Sara Parra

Mario is one of the most iconic video game characters in existence, and there’s literally thousands of videos of people playing Mario, parodying Mario, and cursing him for that matter. Either way you see it, he pretty much embodies every gamer’s childhood, even today. As far as my video choice, I picked the greatest ‘Happily Never After’ video I’ve ever seen created for the character.

Christine Linnell

Here are the video game commercials that were on TV when I was growing up. Man, have we ever come a long way.


Tell us about your favorite childhood video game in the comments — unless you were born any time after 1990, because you’ll only make us feel old.