Paul F. Tompkins, Puppets & Funny: 9 Amazing Puppet Videos From The Internet

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Puppets are magic come to life. With the absence of real magic in the world, there is something fantastic about watching life get pumped into a hunk of fuzz and cloth via someone’s hand. Unless that puppet happens to, say, call you out on the subway.

One of YouTube’s (and the internet at large’s) best attributes is its ability to act as a catchall for all things puppet-related. Sure it gets Jeff Dunham videos too, so you have to take the grand with the godawful, but rest assured, the following nine videos are all grand. Here’s some hilarious puppetry from around the web to make your day a little more colorful:

9. Ventriloquist Picks Up Girls On Subway (Model Pranksters)

8. JigSaw As A Roommate (HandlebarMustacheLand)

7. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Team Coco)

6. Sifl & Olly (athropos)