Philip DeFranco Show: Then, Now and Everything In Between – Transformation Tuesday

It’s time for another Transformation Tuesday, and in honor of his recent marriage to longtime girlfriend Lindsay Doty, I’ve chosen Philip DeFranco.


I was a huge Philip DeFranco fan for a few years, and even from just a fan’s standpoint, you can see that a tremendous amount of work, research and testing went into what the “Philip DeFranco Show” has become today. From numerous format changes, sets, and even full on moving across the country to the YouTube mecca that Los Angeles has become, Phil has made meticulous notes of what works and what doesn’t, all while still keeping the content fresh and entertaining.

Part of these observations come directly from having worked for him for 2 years. I can say without a doubt that everything Phil is today has come from a combination of trial and error, and his strong intuition of what the audience he’s worked so hard to build, likes.


Unlike some of the new kids today, Phil did not start out with a production crew, and edited most of his videos on his own. He known for using the jumpcut, an editing style that would become the bread and butter of most vlogs today, without it being too intrusive on the content of his videos. He was also one of the few YouTube creators out there who was given a several million dollar grant which led to the creation of SourceFed, SourceFed Nerd, and ForHumanPeoples (both the channel and the merchandising company).


When you look at Philip DeFranco, you see someone who could be considered a YouTube success story. The guy started off alone, and now has a staff of nearly 40 people. Looking back from then to now is startling, and a reminder to us all, that if you put your nose to the grindstone, you can come out on top.

Congratulations to him on his recent nuptials and his continued success.

What’s your favorite Philip DeFranco moment? Tell us about it in the comments down below!