Prank Fails: Behind The Scenes Of The Fake Oscar Prank


By now you’ve all seen THIS amazing fake Oscars prank that’s been all over the internet. In fact, this band of statue-toting pranksters has been featured all over the web and by national news outlets like Good Morning America. Now they’re letting us in on the big secret behind their Oscar Night hijinks. It wasn’t all free hugs and fun swag — there were more than a few flops and fails. The team behind the prank has released a behind-the-scenes look at just how they pulled it off, and some of the mishaps that happened along the way.

For every person who’s excited to meet an Oscar winner (even a fake one), there’s at least one cynical jerk who isn’t buying into the magic. The team may have had a blast taking photos with adoring fans and receiving all sorts of freebies from cigarettes to a free car, but they also found themselves ejected from parties, targeted by thieves, and narrowly avoiding arrest. Check out this video for a look at how they pulled it off, and all the ways that it almost went wrong.


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