Prank It Fwd Season 2 Has Arrived, Reteamed With Smosh For Heartwarming Feels

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Defy Media-owned had a bangarang idea in Prank It Fwd, the show where they would just pick some good-hearted person and do incredibly nice things for them. And considering that it did well and was such a feel-good effort for everyone involved, they decided to do it again!

Prank It Fwd Season 2 launches today! And yup, the fantastic Greg Benson is still involved.

Remember how in season one Prank It Fwd teamed with Smosh to make a waitress have the best shift of her life? Well the team is back at it, hinting at these forthcoming vids:

Break’s “L.A. Clippers Surprise Local Salon” – With a little help from L.A. Clippers’ Glen Davis and DeAndre Jordan, a struggling L.A. salon gets a life-changing makeover.

SMOSH’s “Ultimate High School Prank” – SMOSH founders Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox give one deserving fan a trip to the principal’s office she won’t soon forget.

Break’s Prank Bank, “You Got Served” – The term “you’ve been served” takes on a whole new meaning!


According to the release: Prank It FWD will again benefit charitable partner, one of the largest global organizations for young people and social change. Break will donate one dollar for every 1,000 views of the Prank It FWD videos as well as one dollar for every social mention and share of #PrankItFWD.

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And because we like to give you a pleasant quote every once in a while:

“We’re proud to bring back Prank It FWD, a program that has shifted the perception of pranks and has not only changed the lives of several deserving individuals, but has moved many others across the globe to ‘prank it forward’ in positive ways,” said Barry Blumberg, Head of Content, DEFY Media. “Prank It FWD brings together DEFY’s diverse creative talents and partners to promote a meaningful and compelling message that leverages the full power our network. The program truly illustrates the impact great content can have on both individuals and by creating an emotional and positive movement across a worldwide audience.”

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