Rainn Wilson Show ‘Impress Me’ Moves from SoulPancake to TV


Pop (formerly known as the TV Guide Network) has ordered 13 episodes of SoulPancake‘s original comedy series, Impress Me.

Impress Me, from writer/director Ben Shelton, aired six episodes on Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake YouTube channel. Those six episodes will re-air on Pop along with seven new episodes.

The show is about two celebrity impressionists (played by Ross Marquand and Jim Meskimen) who have decided they want to transition into being dramatic actors. Well-known guest stars have included Angela Kinsey (The Office), Erika Christensen (Swimfan), Josh Groban (dating Kat Dennings), and Weird Al (the parody guy with long hair). It will premiere on Pop on Wednesday, March 18

This is Pop’s second original acquisition, following the Canadian Schitt Creek, starring Eugene Levy.