Recap House of Cards With Frank Underwood Quotes


By now you’ve had plenty of time to catch up on House of Cards. If you haven’t then you’d better watch your back, Frank Underwood is likely break the fourth wall just to toss you in front of a train. For the rest of us who’ve been keeping up with the goings on in Kevin Fincher’s dark and devious version of Washington D.C., there’s plenty to talk about. The third season of the acclaimed series kicked off and Frank Underwood has continued his ruthless rush to power. Frank isn’t alone — he’s got a team of cunning and dangerous supports that includes his wife Claire Underwood, ambitious political climber Jackie Sharp, former enemy Remy Danton, and his deadliest ally of all, Robin Wright’s hair.

To be honest, when I think about it, A LOT has happened in Frank Underwood’s life in the few short seasons that we’ve all be acquainted. You could be forgiven for needing a quick catch up. Fortunately this video has everything you need. Get up to speed with Frank’s best (and worst) moments and get to know the man who wants to put America to work by any means necessary.

In the immortal words of President Frank…what are you lookin’ at? This post is over. Go watch the video and then get lost. I’ve got a lot of scheming to do and no more time for you people. If you’ve got something to say, leave it in the comments.

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