Replacing Teachers With YouTube: 8 Channels That Teach You All You Need To Know


Gym: There’d be no time for rope climbing and dogeball in gym class with coach Devin Supertramp. You’d need all that time and energy for electives in sand boarding, drift biking, and indoor surfing. These are all life skills, so take it seriously.

Lunch: Remember how there was always that one lunch lady who just seemed…a little off? Harmless and friendly, but there was definitely something kooky going on behind the hairnet. Perhaps she was just doing a little My Drunk (Cafeteria) Kitchen of her own. If anyone is going to be the lunch lady of YouTube High, then it’s got to be Hannah Hart, she can dole out some sage life advice along with the meatloaf surprise.



Art: And of course we can’t forget about the electives. Mark Crilley is already doing a great job teaching us how to draw our favorite characters from TV, movies, and anime on YouTube, so there’s no reason we couldn’t turn a handful of his How-To-Draw videos into the world’s best art class.



Music: Music isn’t just about technical skill and mastering an instrument, it’s also about finding the music in you and figuring out how to let it out. No one is better at finding the music in everyday events the The Gregory Brothers, so instead of spending an hour a day practicing scales, students could autotune their closest friends and their favorite YouTubers into slick pop jams.



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