Rooster Teeth YouTube Shocker, Red Vs. Blue Gets A New Home


It seems that things are changing at Rooster Teeth now that the Austin based digital studio has joined the Fullscreen family. One of the first changes on deck? The studio’s hugely popular web series Red vs. Blue is getting a new home on YouTube. The series is being re-released in its entirety on a new dedicated YouTube channel. Previously Red Vs. Blue had been available on a variety of platforms including YouTube, the Rooster Teeth website, and DVD. The studio announced the plan yesterday with a blog post and a tongue-in-cheek video featuring characters form the series.


In a statement, Rooster Teeth chief Michael “Burnie” Burns said, “We are excited to have one place on YouTube where our fans can watch all of the past seasons of Red vs. Blue. And now new viewers of the series can binge watch the world’s longest running web series anywhere they have a screen.”

Along with all twelve existing seasons of Red Vs. Blue, the new channel will feature bonus content like behind the scenes footage, interviews, and commentary designed to appeal to the series core fan base. Even for such a popular series, relocating content to a new home can be a risky move for a web series, but Rooster Teeth seems confident that fans will find the beloved show more easily in its new home. The change comes as part of a move to break out more content into more focused verticals to make it more accessible to new fans looking to get caught up.


Along with the announcement, the studio released an upload schedule for all existing episodes. The series will begin rolling out on its new home on Friday, March 6th and the entire 12 season run will be available by the end of March. Check the schedule below for details:

Season 1 – Friday, 3/6

Season 2 – Saturday, 3/7

Season 3 – Sunday, 3/8

Season 4 – Friday, 3/13

Season 5 – Saturday, 3/14

Season 6 – Sunday, 3/15

Season 7 – Friday, 3/20

Season 8 – Saturday, 3/21

Season 9 – Sunday, 3/22

Season 10 – Friday, 3/27

Season 11 – Saturday, 3/28

Season 12 – Sunday, 3/29

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