Science Channels on YouTube: 12 Creators Who’ll Raise Your IQ

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If there’s one thing about YouTube that has consistently amazed me, it’s been how it has cemented itself in the educational sphere of our lives.

Everyone goes to YouTube to learn something new, whether it’s a mindblowing fact or a trade skill, there’s a video about it somewhere explaining exactly how it works or exactly how to do it. The visual aid component has made engaging people in the learning process stronger than ever before.

These guys here? They are some of the greatest heads of education in the world, and they’re changing it, one video at a time.

1. VSauce

Michael Stevens is great at tackling some questions we never even thought of asking, and then pushes us to think outside of our own self-constructed biases to answer them. Hell, sometimes these thoughts don’t have an answer, but pondering them is what makes us so much more human.