Shane Dawson’s I Hate Myselfie Book Tops Bestseller List

(photo credit: Variety)

(photo credit: Variety)

Shane Dawson, the talented and controversial YouTuber, has conquered both new media and old — 4.6 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, an award-winning feature film (the award being that he got to make a feature film), and now a #1 bestselling book. With over 100,000 copies now in print, I Hate Myselfie is poised to make Shane Dawson a household name with the non-YouTube crowd as well.

“We are thrilled at how many young people are coming into bookstores to see Shane,” says Judith Curr, President and Publisher, Atria Publishing Group (the people who own the Keywords Press imprint that is releasing many YouTuber books). “This represents more than just the success of one book but the start of a very promising literary career for Shane.”

Fortunately, Presswire had cobbled together a handy list of the book’s achievements thus far:

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Good stuff. Congrats, Shane, pretty impressive for someone who has never read another book. In fact, on Jason Horton’s podcast Friends Without Benefits, Shane discloses that he was originally going to title the book, “The First Book I Ever Read.” Turns out he picked a good one to read — a number #1 bestseller. There have got to be a bunch of snooty aspiring authors fuming over this — hehehe. This guy is majorly talented and you aren’t.

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