SickBricks Has Series On YouTube With New Spindo Channel

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Mondo Media and Spin Master have teamed up to smash their names together, Frankenstein-style, and create Spindo TV, a new family-friendly YouTube channel. I know, I know, I kind of thought they would go with “Mondo Master TV” — probably some German BDSM weirdos got to that name first (kids: BDSM stands for Bondage & SadoMasochism — kinky stuff).

The channel, which is setting its sights on young’uns, already has the new YouTube Kids app on lock, but also aims to create animated and live action shorts that will appeal to the older side of its intended 6-11 age demographic. No word yet if it will teach them the finer art of huffing Magic Markers to get a contact high or pretending to be 18 on 4chan (these kids grow up so quickly now), but already the channel is dropping awesome stuff like a SickBricks series that is based on the creative designs of Spin Master’s hit toy line (hey, Transformers got its start this way too).

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“There are a number of SpindoTV episodes that will sit comfortably on the new YouTube Kids app but several of our shows will appeal to a slightly older-skewing demographic,” says Jennifer Dodge, VP and executive producer for Spin Master Entertainment, one of the top five U.S. toy manufacturers (according to an NPD Group study). “We know from our research that these kids are already on YouTube in massive numbers.”

Of course Spin Master went to Mondo Media because they happen to have the biggest animated channel on YouTube and are generally a pretty cool crew. You know them from Dick Figures and Happy Tree Friends and that one time they made prolonged eye contact with you at that urinal.


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