SourceFed Live: An Evening of Entertainment Awesome! [VIDEO]

It should be noted, before I embark us on this journey, that I was once an employee of SourceFed. I worked for the company for the better part of two years, and the people on stage were good friends of mine.

That didn’t stop me from enjoying every second of SouceFed’s Live show at the YouTube Space LA, which was a resounding success. Throughout the night I found myself completely able to suspend disbelief, and watch the show as if I was a fan again, rather than a former co-worker.

The show started off with Steve Zaragoza and Owen Carter serenading the crowd with their song “Whales.” Lee Newton joined the duo, singing the ‘Whale Solo’ before the rest of the cast was introduced on to the stage.

William Haynes did a live rendition of his “People Be Like” show, which honestly made me feel like William Haynes needs a stand up special of his own.

Matt Lieberman donned a giant spider head in order to bring us a message from the beloved character, Thaddeus J. Spider. A costume, by the way, that was painstakingly created by a fan and lent out much to the delight of everyone in the audience.

Steven Zaragoza is now the only George R.R. Martin I will ever accept, and Reina Scully is the only dance teacher I will ever hire (so long as Sam Bashor is her interpreter).

It was a great night, and the audience enjoyed their experience and won free t-shirts. Afterwards everyone got the chance to mingle with their favorite hosts for hours with food and drink provided. It easily takes the spot of one of my favorite YouTube events this year.

You can check out the full show above, and photos in the gallery down below for a good laugh from some amazing creators.

It’s Monday, share this guy out and give your friends and family the pick me up they need!