Superwoman YouTube Star Lilly Singh Gets New Series: Lana Steele. Makeup Spy.

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You wouldn’t think that anything starring Lilly Singh could be terrible. Well, we don’t think it can. Starring in a fun little 12-episode series for the ILoveMakeup YouTube channel, Lilly Singh, AKA iiSuperwomanii is “Lana Steele, Makeup Spy.” Here’s the description from the channel:

“Lilly Singh AKA iisuperwomanii stars as Lana Steele, a brilliant spy at the top of her game who goes undercover to complete her missions using the transformational art of makeup. Come back next Friday when the epic 12 episode adventure begins with the death of her arch enemy, Mr. X!”

It’s being billed as “Alias meets Eyeliner.” And no, I don’t think it is a joke. The series trailer, which just launched, looks like it’s all badass and no pratfalls or quips. I guess it takes a superhero to make an action star. Lilly has over 5 million subscribers, so she’s no joke either. Produced by Collective Digital Studio, the series debuts on March 13 and will run through May.

If they need me to be a delightful sidekick named Mask-cara, I’ll totally do it.


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