The Dress Mystery Color Explained – SIMPLEST EXPLANATION

What color is the dress? Black and Blue? White and Gold? No one agrees, but we have simple explanation about how and why it appears to be the color that it is.

Tumblr user Swiked uploaded a picture of a dress on Thursday, and the rest is internet history. The dress, as it is now known, caused a worldwide rift between team white and gold, and team blue and black. What color is the dress? We try to explain the dress phenomenon simply, so that when someone brings up the dress in conversation, you can tell him or her why the dress looks different to different people.

The dress picture has become one of the most looked at images of all time, and has actually made science interesting for a few days. Though the dress will soon slip from internet consciousness, it was a viral sensation that brought the whole internet together. Let Anais Fairweather explain it to you as simply as possible!


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Executive Producer: Jeben Berg


Host: Anais Fairweather

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Directed by: Ted Marsden
Producer: Jenni Powell
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines

Written by: Steve Clark and Ted Marsden
Edited by: Trent Barboza

Executive Assistant: Amy Leonard