The Grace Helbig Show: 4 Things We Learned About Grace’s Late Night Talk Show


Ever since we learned that Grace Helbig was developing her own late night show for E!, we’ve been dying for more details. What would it be like? Was she planning to have a co-host? A studio? Would she go full-on Johnny Carson or was this going to have more in common with her insanely popular vlog channel? The questions were seemingly endless. Lucky for us, Grace hit up her soon-to-be late night competitor Jimmy Fallon, and dropped some key details. Here’s what we learned:

No Live Studio Audience – Grace wants to keep the show super casual. The vibe is going to be more fun “night in” than wild night out, according to the comedian. The sounds like a good fit for Grace who is more often seen sporting a stylish onesie than a three piece suit. Without an audience, it’ll be easier for Grace to channel the intimate one-on-one vibe that’s made her a YouTube sensation. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


It’s Based In Los Angeles – New York might be the late night TV capital of the world (pay no attention to Jimmy Kimmel) but Grace has set down roots in LA and she’s not going anywhere. Of course, it hardly matters since you can’t join the audience anyway. What this does mean is that she’ll have ready access to all of her YouTube besties, so expect appearances by LA locals like Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, Tyler Oakley, and more.


The Show WILL Be Interactive – Hiring Grace Helbig to host a talk show means you get her social media savvy as part of the package. Grace may not want fans in the studio when she’s filming, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t play a huge role. Grace plans to involve her social media followers in every aspect of the show’s design, from questions to ask guests to the décor in the house where it’ll be filmed. Grace may be coming to TV, but anyone who grew up on the internet knows that interactivity is key.


It’s Coming SO SOON – The show premieres on April 3, just one week from today. It’s in a prime timeline at 10:30 PM following E!’s reality show round up The Soup. Joel McHale’s clip show round up has a young internet savvy audience that should be the perfect lead in for Grace.


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