The Holderness Family Reality Show: The Christmas Jammies Family Are Now On Television

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Step up your game, YouTubers.

The Holderness Family has been on YouTube, what, a year? And now they have a TV show. You’ve got to eat your Snickers bar, get focused and maybe learn to play the guitar. Also, be handsome and talented and have a hot mama wife with two adorable kids.

To be fair, the Holderness’, Penn and Kim, have been on YouTube for three years, but the first two years were spent doing videos for other people with their Greenroom Communications company. It was a little over a year ago though that they decided to become YouTube stars themselves. And yes, they decided.

And now they’ve decided to become TV stars.

The focus of a reality show that debuted last night on UPtv, basically a positivity cable channel full of uplifting content, the Holderness’ intend to shake and dance into your collective hearts with original songs and zany antics. If you didn’t get to catch the initial episode of The Holderness Family though, don’t worry. UPtv recognizes a potential cash cow when they see one. Tonight, the network unveils the “Making of The Holderness Family” show (gotta add the word “show” in there or the sentence takes on a sexier “late night” connotation). So tune in at 8pm EST to UPtv to see behind the scenes of the show you likely didn’t get to see the in front of the scenes on (and hopefully they re-air the episode that they’ve elected NOT to put online).

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Good luck getting UPtv though — it seems like it is one of those niche channels that buys mostly old content — Touched by an Angel reruns and such (no, really).

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