Tobuscus Adventures Crowdfunded Video Game From Toby Turner OFFICIALLY Coming To An App Store SOON!

You can't stay mad at this face.

You can’t stay mad at this face.

Toby Turner feels your pain. You raised mucho dinero for the Toby Turner video game he pitched in his Indiegogo campaign — $644,301. To be fair, he only asked you for $240,000, but the point remains it’s been awhile since all that went down. The campaign started back on May 21, 2013 and ended in July of that same year. So where is Tobuscus Adventures?


According to Toby, the game is nearly here. Going live in the iOS store on March 19, Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards will be the game that blows your socks off and straight to hell. Sorry, Android people (sigh, me!), your game is coming soon though … just not as soon.

Toby’s reasoning for the long delays are good ones. As he tells it: “I’m a perfectionist, and I’m also stubborn. These are very expensive traits in game development. This is why it took 5-6 times longer than we anticipated (YES!), and it cost a lot more than we raised. If I just wanted to put something out there that fit the requirements, this would have been out there a year ago… but this was about making something that I wanted to play. And we did.”

So be sure to check out and get really good at Tobuscus Adventures, iPhone users, because when the Android app drops, it’s on like Donkey Kong … or Tobuscus time.

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