Tough Mudder 2015 Gets A YouTube Component Involving FouseyTube, Dennis Roady And…

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The Tough Mudder is one of those brilliantly fun endeavours for masochists. People who like inflicting pain and misery on themselves are the types who go to the Tough Mudder.

What is the Tough Mudder, you ask? How about a 10-12 mile endurance obstacle course with rope swings into mud pits, ice water and electric shocks?

The travelling race course, designed to promote toughness and camaraderie, is insanely popular with people who get off their couch — which surprisingly, includes a few YouTubers. Only it probably isn’t the YouTubers you might guess.

Working with the Tough Mudder this year for the Los Angeles portion of events, YouTubers FouseyTube, Jennifer Veal, Dennis Roady and –f**king get this — The Scary Snowman are all involved in promoting it. Yeah, the guy who dresses up in snowman garb to terrify unsuspecting children is into endurance running.

Go figure.

There’s also a charity aspect to all of this: there is a fundraiser involved that looks to raise money for at-risk youth via Oasis of Hollywood which you can participate in here (even if you aren’t racing).

And, of course, if you want to do obstacle courses alongside your favorite YouTubers, by all means sign up for the race here.

The Los Angeles portion of the Tough Mudder runs March 28-29 and they have a whole bunch of new obstacles to overcome. So if you feel like a little pain-for-pleasure this weekend, get involved.

And share this article because it’s kind of a surprise that any YouTubers were into the Tough Mudder.