Trevor Noah Twitter Scandal: New Daily Show Host Is In Trouble Over Offensive Tweets


Social media giveth and social media taketh away. Just yesterday Twitter was buzzing about the appointment of South African comedian Trevor Noah as Jon Stewart’s replacement at The Daily Show. He was young, he was funny, he was non-white, and he was “bae AF,” but today the tide and the tweets have turned. Noah is in hot water after fans and journalists uncovered a series of old tweets that paint the up and coming comic as potentially racist, anti-semitic, transphobic, and misogynistic. Many of the jokes in question are 3-4 years old but fans of Noah and The Daily Show are still demanding an explanation.

Noah’s tweets cover a lot of ground from Jews…


To women…

tnwomenTo the trans community…



(We’ve chosen to screen cap the tweets on the assumption that they’ll soon be deleted but you can find Trevor Noah’s live twitter here)

The tweets definitely don’t look good, and they’ll look even worse screen capped and reblogged on Tumblr a few million times, but the real scandal is that this happened at all. Does no one at Comedy Central know how to use the Twitter search button? Did no one in Trevor Noah’s management tell him to delete his more “questionable” material before he was thrust onto the national stage? Perhaps the most damning things about these tweets beyond their content is the fact that they’re just not that funny. I hope whichever Comedy Central employee is responsible for faxing Trevor Noah the standard celebrity apology form letter to sign is also checking in on The Daily Show writers room to make sure most of them are sticking around. Based on his previous work it seems like he’s going to need all the help he can get.

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