Twitch Alert: Live Streaming Site Alerts Users To Possible Hack

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Bad news for all the Twitch streamers out there. The live streaming service notified users today that its servers may have been hacked and their account information accessed. In a mass email, Twitch revealed that account information like users IP address, date of birth, phone number, and address may have been accessed by malicious hackers. Twitch has stopped short of confirming the cyber attack, saying only the information “may” have been exposed and that it continues to investigate.


Twitch is one of the most popular and fastest growing video platforms on the web. With over 100 million active monthly users, it’s best known as a source for live streamed gaming content. Twitch’s size and popularity are the primary reason that the San Francisco based video startup was purchased by e-commerce giant Amazon last year for an impressive $970 million. While the hack is unlikely to affect Twitch’s growth in the long term, it does raise questions about security at the fast growing platform.


In response to the possible breech, Twitch has taken steps to protect users’ accounts from further intrusions. According to an email, all passwords have been set to expired, forcing users to select new authentication information. In any event, the goal of the hack was likely just to gather data for future phishing or other email scams.

Twitch is the latest company with a large user base to see its servers hacked for information over the last few years. Compromises at vendors like Home Depot, Michaels Craft Stores, Neiman Marcus, and Anthem Insurance have cost companies millions and inconvenienced millions more.

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