Twitter Wants To AutoPlay Video Ads On Your Feed

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How do you like your Twitter feed? Would you like it full of trolls AND autoplay video advertisements? If you said yes, you might just be in luck. According to TheNextWeb, Twitter might be getting autoplay advertisements that will force you to mute your computer or risk hearing something about Burger King’s new “chicken fries” yelled into your office.

Twitter is reportedly testing the ads to see if they will generate attention without you tapping on them. What kind of attention are you looking for, Twitter? Negative attention is a thing …

You’ve previously experienced the autoplay ads on Facebook and YouTube, so apparently the advertising hunger has finally reached the Twitter bird. In Ad Age’s reporting of the obnoxiousness, they claim that “videos that originate in Vine, Twitter’s company’s 6-second-video app, will not play automatically on Twitter as part of this test.” So that’s good, but it isn’t going to spare us in the long run.

Hoestly, guys, this will work just fine for us.

Honestly, guys, this will work just fine for us.

Right now, as part of Twitter’s test, allegedly they are trying two different styles: one would have a six second loop of an ad autoplay for Twitter fiends to click on for the full ad, the other just deposits the whole ad right into your feed. Probably whichever one gets more interaction from users will win out.

Look, just take the devil we know and click on the full-length ad if you’re in the testing group. Vines get so annoying when left to their autoplay and we like Vines — imagine an E-harmony commercial loop.

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