Vine Video Stars Brandon Calvillo And Jason Nash Kickstart Feature Film


We’ve been saying for a while now that Vine creators are the future of entertainment. On the surface it makes sense — they’ve racked up millions of young followers and the content created by top Viners is regularly looped and shared tens of millions of times. While it’s clear that Vine stars have the eyes and ears of a generation their transition into more mainstream projects has been a little slower. Last year saw the release of Cameron Dallas’ film vehicle Expelled which met with moderate success, but it also saw dust-ups like Viner Brittany Furlan’s ill-fated appearance as a red carpet correspondent at the Daytime Emmy Awards, and TV projects like Rainn Wilson’s Hollywood and Vine have been delayed due to casting concerns.

One group of Viners is looking to jump start the process with a Kickstarter campaign. Spearheaded by Vine pals Jason Nash and Brandon Calvillo, the campaign aims to raise $200,000 for FML: A Social Media Adventure, a feature length film that will star Nash and Calvillo along with many of their Vine, YouTube, and social media peers. The story, which draws heavily from both stars’ real lives, features a cross generational pair of aspiring social media stars on a cross-country road trip to boost their follower counts. Calvillo will play a young slacker looking for his big break as a social media star and Nash will play a father of two who views the trip as a last shot at fame and stardom.


The cast is a Vine fan’s dream come true, with apperances by literally dozens of the platform’s most talented comics. Joining Calvillo and Nash will be stars like Eric Dunn, Nicholas Megalis, Brittany Furlan, Marcus Johns, Manon Mathews, Robby Ayala, Ry Doon, Danny Lopriore, KC James, Simone Shepherd, Matt Cutshall, Allegra Masters, Sunny Mabrey, David Lopez, Q Park, Brandon Bowen, Princess Lauren, Josh Darnit, The Gabbie ShowLogan Paul, Scotty Sire, Jus Reign, Zachary Piona, Wahlid Mohammad, Zane & Heath, and Klarity. In addition to packing an unheard of amount of social media star power, the team being FML have also tapped some of the hottest comics in mainstreaming entertainment. Rod Cordry, Busy Phillips, Patton Oswalt, Paul Scheer, Ken Marino, Andy Daly, and TJ Miller are all set to appear.


The Kickstarter campaign, which launched today, has already raised $3,000 toward its $200,000 goal. In addition to the usual t-shirts, Skype phone calls and Twitter shoutouts, organizers are offering social media account takeovers by some of the film’s cast. Imagine handing over your Vine or Instagram account to one of social media’s biggest stars for 24 hours. Contributors with deeper pockets can earn social media shoutouts, visits to the set, and seats at the premiere of the film.

If you’re interested in backing the project you can find the Kickstarter page here.

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