What YouTube Channel Should I Watch? How About ‘Worst Copier Error Ever’? — YouTube Treasure Hunter

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Sometimes I have to comb through the recesses of YouTube to find junked videos and forgotten footage that is just amazing. Sometimes it comes to me. I am the YouTube Treasure Hunter. Every week, I brave spider videos, footage of tornadoes and the occasional inexplicable zit-popping upload to find some of the rarest jewels YouTube has to offer.

Oh, there’s gold in them thar hills, but sometimes you just have to wade through a ton of crap to get to it.

This week’s treasure? Let’s just call it Copier Error. This is one of those videos you just have to watch with no forewarning, expectations or knowledge. Simply put, let’s just say that licking a photocopier is not one of those things you should EVER DO. That is, unless you like fruit. In a bowl. And pressed. Yes, definitely watch this if you like a nice pressed fruit bowl. Thanks to Jonas Rotabakk for hosting this depressingly fun video.

Stay tuned for next Sunday, treasure hunters! I’ve got something that really hops! No, it isn’t a bunny … you’ll just have to tune in.


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