Where Do I Go From Here? Discovery’s Seeker Network Might Be Able To Help!


Discovery Digital Networks has launched Seeker, an online nexus for adventure, travel, and exploration.

Seeker is meant to inspire and celebrate the world while educating and informing. Like the good old days of Discovery Channel before it became all about a snake eating a man on live TV. Here’s a roster of some of the great shows they’ve got coming up:

  • Abandonment Issues: This weekly series hosted by Trace Dominguez (DNews), gives viewers inside access to abandoned buildings to reveal forgotten histories. Trace takes viewers to locations from a run-down brick building that was once the heart of California’s train industry to a forgotten farmhouse that witnessed the tragedy of Japanese Internment.
  • All Points Project: Working with embedded video journalists around the globe through Storyhunter, All Points Project shows exciting and uplifting stories from the far corners of the world.
  • Breaking Trail: In Breaking Trail, adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson explores America’s backyard and the awesome creatures that inhabit, including the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood.
  • City Vérité: This SEEKER series illuminates the life and beauty of a city by capturing a series of breathtaking, intimate and eye-catching moments from a single day. It shows the amazing yet ordinary elements and sights from Des Moines, Iowa to Paris, France.
  • Donnie Vincent: A conservationist, an animal lover and a world traveler, Donnie Vincent offers a unique perspective on the world of hunting. Follow the journey of this extreme outdoorsman to experience the wonder of nature, the excitement of travel and the thrill of the pursuit.
  • Global Degree: Mike and Alex set out on a five-year voyage to travel every country in the world and ultimately return with their Global Degree.
  • Going Off Grid: Produced and hosted by Laura Ling, Going Off Grid highlights the beautiful, strange and brave people living disconnected from our modern world and “off the grid.”
  • Kyle Thiermann: Pro-surfer Kyle Thiermann shares his passion for waves and preserving the oceans that are his playground.
  • Rituals with Laura Ling: Inspired by Ling’s own experiences as a North Korean prisoner, Rituals takes viewers on a journey through the psyche and habits of extraordinary individuals to find out how they survive, thrive and gain focus while under pressure.
  • Seeker Daily: The latest daily series from Discovery Digital Networks, Seeker Daily focuses on the personal side of social, world and domestic issues with hosts Evan Puschak and Lisette Padilla.
  • Sixpenny Globe: Fresh out of college and bored to death, best friends Kelsey Ogden and Kristen Refermat swap their savings for round-the-world plane tickets and set off to see the world with their pocket change.
  • This Happened Here: This daily storytelling series reveals the stories behind the web’s most arresting imagery, sharing the profound experiences of photographers and world travelers that deserve the spotlight.
  • Travel Basecamp: In this series, follow a group of friends who use popular Latin American destinations and tourist hot spots as basecamps for their truly unique adventures often unseen by the typical traveler.
  • Trucker Josh: Follow Trucker Josh and his four-legged best friend and travel companion, Diesel, as they traverse North America via big rig, providing a fresh approach to vlogging.
  • What I Learned: Join host Jason Tongen for this fast-paced travel show featuring his unique observations and unconventional perspective on communities around the world.

You can see the whole lineup at SeekerNetwork.com, and of course YouTube.

So, which show are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments down below, and be sure to share this article out to your friends who might be interested in a little adventure!