Which Emoji Are You? — Women Creative Wednesday

We love emojis here at NMR, and we’ve noticed some YouTubers bear an uncanny resemblance to them. For Women Creative Wednesday, we’ve picked which YouTube personality best embodies our favorite emoji.

Rachel Kiley

miranda wink

Sure, there could be more lipstick on that emoji, but it’s still totally Miranda Sings. Yay smirking.

Evan DeSimone

bethany hand

This emoji lady has brown hair, and she seems both happy and excited. Look at her raising her hand and smiling as if to say “I am happy…and also excited!” I think happy and brown hair I think Bethany Mota! The resemblance is uncanny.

Sara Parra

Presented without comment.

Carrington Walsh

lilly tongue

I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

Christine Linnell

hannah sunglasses

Hannah Hart made this one pretty easy for me. Thanks, Hannah!


Which emoji is your favorite YouTuber? Let us know in the comments!