Which YouTubers Have the Most Subscribers?


YouTube subscription counts are always fluctuating, but once a ‘Tuber reaches the 10 million+ zone, it becomes more and more difficult to be surpassed in numbers by their peers — a fact exemplified by PewDiePie’s long-held reign.

Taking out the YouTube topic channels, VEVO, and TV show overflows, we’ve compiled a list of the current top YouTubers based on subscriber count alone. Sure, we all know who’s #1, but who else is right up there with him?

12. elrubiusOMG
10.5 million subscribers

ElRubiusOMG is a Spanish YouTuber who does all sorts of Gameplays from Minecraft to horror to whatever else he might be into at the time. You’ll also find occasional vlogs and Chatroulette montages on his channel, but you may have to understand Spanish to get the most out of videos from this gamer (though others say his videos are just as worth watching even if you don’t).

11. Ray William Johnson
10.8 million subscribers

If you know YouTube, you know Ray William Johnson. Most well known for his Equals Three series in which he critiqued and discussed viral videos from the week, RWJ has mostly moved on to pursuing projects in traditional media, but his channel still posts videos featuring other people, and as of recently, occasionally he makes an appearance as well.

10. Sky Does Minecraft
10.9 million subscribers

No username is more descriptive than Sky Does Minecraft because, well, that’s exactly what the channel is. Sky (okay, real name Adam) doing Minecraft videos. And apparently doing them quite well, based on this subscriber count.

9. VanossGaming
11.4 million subscribers

VanossGaming is a channel run by Evan Fong, mainly featuring comedic gameplay commentaries.