Which YouTubers Have the Most Subscribers?

8. TheFineBros
11.7 million subscribers

The Fine Brothers are two of the busiest YouTubers in the business, having expanded their projects recently to include a Nickelodeon TV series based on their REACT series and an upcoming feature film, while still producing comedic content across their multiple YouTube channels.

7. ERB (Epic Rap Battles of History)
11.8 million subscribers

While Epic Rap Battles of History ranked number one on NMR’s Top 100 YouTube Channels list, in terms of subscriber count, they still have a few channels to beat. The ERB channel itself is pretty self-explanatory — epic rap battles between major historical or fictional characters — and it’s every bit as hilarious as it sounds. And so are the creators behind it.

6. Machinima
12.3 million subscribers

Machinima is a company and MCN that offers a wide variety of content on its YouTube channel — everything from geeky movie news to gameplays to VFX-heavy web series such as Super Power Beat Down and Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

5. nigahiga (Ryan Higa)
13.9 million subscribers

Ryan Higa (aka nigahiga) has been making videos almost since the start of YouTube, formerly focusing mainly on funny lip sync videos, many of which were removed later due to copyright claims. Now, he mainly does a variety of comedy and parody videos and has also spent some time foraying into short films, as well as vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos on his second channel.