Who Is Michelle Phan? – Creator Fact Sheet


Michelle Phan is one of the queens of YouTube, a beauty guru’s beauty guru, and a new media entrepreneur who turned her YouTube channel into a veritable empire of businesses and opportunities. She’s YouTube royalty and she’s currently travelling with First Lady Michelle Obama to help promote The White House’s Let Girls Learn initiative. That means a lot of people outside the world of new media are about to start asking “Who’s Michelle Phan?” Fortunately we’ve got all the answers you need in our Creator Fact Sheet.

Full Name: Michelle Phan
Channel Name: YouTube.com/MichellePhan

Subscribers: 7.5 Million
Genre: Beauty/Style


What Does She Do: Michelle is best known for her makeup tutorials, which range from stylish day-to-day looks to amazing cosplay and costume creations. Over the years she’s also branched out into everything from shopping hauls and music videos to dishing advice and anecdotes to her fans in her “Ask Mish” series.


What ELSE Does She Do: Michelle Phan has a pretty full plate. Aside from being a YouTube star (she still posts at least one video a week on her personal channel) and being BFFs with the First Lady, Michelle has a small empire of businesses and projects to oversee. In 2010 she became the official video makeup artists of cosmetics giant Lancôme and launched her own beauty subscription service called Ipsy. In 2013 she announced her own cosmetics line, Em by Michelle Phan, with L’Oreal. Phan is also partnered with Endemol USA, a digital network aimed at creating content for millennials, and a founding partner of start-up music label Shift Music Group. She  recently released a book “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty Style and Success Online And Off” and in January of 2014 was named one of New Media Rockstars’ Top 100 YouTube Channels of All Time.

Her First Video: Michelle’s earliest video “Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial” was posted way back in May of 2007. Webcam quality video aside, it already shows signs of her trademark voiceover narration and easy-to-follow demo-style tutorial. To date, it’s racked up an impressive 11 million views.

Her Biggest Video: Michelle Phan has been steadily building her following for years, but if she had a big break then it was probably her “Barbie Transformation Tutorial.” The video is her biggest viral hit so far with more than 59 million views. This video helped to expand her audience and cement her role as a YouTube superstar. Though best known for more practical tips and tutorials, Michelle’s dramatic transformations are consistently among her most popular videos and this one is no exception.

Her Latest Video: Michelle’s most recent video upload is the first installment of her newest series “Pillow Talk.” It’s an intimate series where she takes fan questions and doles out advice to her subscribers. It’s also the perfect jumping on point for anyone looking to get to know Michelle Phan. Check it out and then take a look back at some of her greatest hits to get a sense of this YouTube superstar’s incredible career.


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