YouTube Disney Parody Prince Jon Cozart Is Taking His Show On The Road


Jon Cozart, better known as Paint, has always been an unconventional YouTuber. After hitting huge with his brilliant Disney parody “After Ever After” two years ago, he gained a massive following that now stands at just under 3 million subscribers. That initial video alone has received a whopping 47 million views. However, Cozart hasn’t followed the best practices of the YouTube playbook. Despite being an active member of the community, engaging with other creators, and participating conventions, he hasn’t upended his life to become a fulltime YouTuber, nor has he adhered to a strict upload schedule. In fact, since his breakout hit he’s only uploaded six (admittedly awesome) videos to his main channel.


It’s a bold choice not to go the traditional YouTuber route, and to only upload when you’re feeling inspired or have something amazing you want to share. However, the end result is that the people are craving more Paint! Even a second vlog channel, Paint Chips, isn’t enough to appease them. Fortunately for some fans, there’s more Jon Cozart on the way. The reluctant web star is taking his show on the road. In a recent South By Southwest interview with the Daily Dot’s Rae Votta, the reluctant digital star revealed that he’s developing a live one-man show which he’ll be bringing to Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.


Cozart will join a growing line of YouTube stars that are taking their online acts on the road. Comedy stars like Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart have scored big with their travelling #NoFilter shows, and Miranda Sings recently concluded a hugely successful live tour that took her across the United States and to Europe. These shows, along with the growing roster of YouTube conventions and gatherings, provide some of today’s top online creators with a host of new venues to reach their fans and practice their art.

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