YouTube For Artists Wants To Help You Get Famous

One day YouTube is going to have an excellent resource for musicians and this video proves it:

The site within a site, YouTube For Artists which just launched yesterday, aims to be an enhanced tool that allows musicians to manage their career more as well as communicate with fans more effectively. Setting up a series of tabs, most of which are “coming soon,” YouTube is not only looking to give musicians an ability to track the biggest concentrations of their fans so they can plan concerts accordingly, they are also dropping helpful hints and tips on being a musician in the Digital Age.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.20.45 AM

Tips that sound like they come straight out of the old YouTube Playbook for Musicians include engaging with and supporting fan tribute videos, regularly check your analytics and be conscious of your thumbnails and picking the right image. While the offerings so far are all very basic, the idea here is to reach all levels of musicians including young kids just starting out. This resource aims to be comprehensive and when it’s up to speed, it looks like it will be.


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