YouTube Music Awards: Winners We’d Have Picked — Music Monday

The YouTube Music Award winners have been announced, but we still have opinions about who really belongs on the list. Here are our top picks for Music Monday.

Jeff Klima

You’re really asking me what YouTube musician should have been included in the YouTube Music Awards list of winners? It could have been hundreds of YouTubers (maybe not hundreds, but certainly a lot have been deserving over the past year). I stake my vote (not that I actually have one) on the voice of Peter Hollens. This guy is amazing and I’ve been championing him for a long time. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the game (including YMA winner Lindsey Stirling) and a cappella is sooooooooooo hot right now. Remember when they only a capella group you knew of were those guys on Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Yeah, not anymore. Peter is just one of many YouTubers doing a capella, but he, along with my other favorite Mike Tompkins, are bright stars in a vast sea who deserve serious recognition. It’s probably overselling it to call the YMAs “serious recognition,” but Beyonce has enough awards on her shelf, YouTube. Throw some love to your boy, Peter.

Carrington Walsh

So, I realize Sophia Grace might be a little too young to receive a YouTube Music Award; however, I think her iconic single “Best Friends” should have at least placed her in the running for an award. That song is not only ridiculously catchy, but it’s a pretty decent pop song. It’s probably my favorite pop song. I suppose that she is only 11, and in a few years, she will DEFINITELY be prime enough to win a YouTube Music Award. I will have to wait until then.

Sara Parra

So considering the fact there was never really a nominee list to begin with, I can’t even begin to understand how the awards were doled out and why.

I always considered the YT Music Awards a ceremony that honored the musicians who create music on the platform. One of the most beautiful voices in the space is Meghan Tonjes, and watching her journey through music from the beginning to present is fascinating. It also helps that the music is pretty damn good.

Christine Linnell

If the YouTube Music Award winners were chosen based on their viral appeal and ability to get their songs stuck in your head for all time — and this is YouTube we’re talking about, so I think that’s a pretty solid criteria — then Carly Rae Jepsen would be a shoo-in. Her latest big single “I Really (Really Really Really Really Really) Like You” proves that she’s still got what it takes.

Rachel Kiley

As much as I always agree with the idea of Carly Rae Jepsen needing more awards, my submission for this is no surprise to anyone. So, Neon Jungle, maybe next year you’ll win something if they even bother going so far as to announce winners at all (but you deserved it this year).


What musicians do you think deserve all the awards? Let us know in the comments.

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