YouTube Music Copyright Crackdown? Musician Claims Universal Music Hit Him With Bogus Claims

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First it was the gamers who got affected by YouTube’s Content ID bot. Now is it the musicians’ turn to feel the sting? Bjorn Lynne, a Swedish musician, allegedly claims Universal Music Group has filed a bogus copyright claim on his original music.

Here’s where things get sticky:

Bjorn was a composer on a video game soundtrack owned by Universal Music Group. As a contributor for the Seven Kingdoms video game, Bjorn wrote a track called “Kingdom of the Persians” and posted his video of that track — his music.

When UMG used YouTube’s Content ID tracker, naturally it came back with Bjorn’s video because the tracks were identical — because UMG used his track to do the search in the first place.

Bjorn wrote a letter to YouTube explaining the situation, but they’ve elected (and so has UMG) to let the order stand. So now UMG will be the benefactor of any and all views for this video … unless Bjorn can hire a lawyer. Too bad, some of his income has been diverted towards paying for UMG’s lawyers now.


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