YouTube Music Key Beta Promises Great Things — One Day

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Right next to an email offering me a free year of Vessel in my inbox was my invitation to sample the beta of YouTube’s forthcoming Music Key. It was personalized to me, so I felt like a cosmonaut out to explore a new galaxy.

Music Key is to be YouTube’s foray into subscription music — a rival to the likes of Pandora, Spotify, and a whole host of others. Nobody was asking for another music subscription service exactly, but YouTube had the access, the videos and the downtime, as well as a great sense of making things easy to maneuver and use. Usability is a big plus for me, I tend to be stupid with new technology, so I was actually excited about what YouTube could offer.

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Turns out, I’ll pretty much have to wait just like the rest of you.

Inside the Music Key … let’s call it a shell, there were promises of innovative options to come: a listen to music offline option, settings to determine whether my music is background noise or a full-on audio mainstage experience, even options for ad free music! Wait a minute, I thought that’s why I was paying a subscription …

And yet, the only button available for me to click on anywhere was a lonely little guy in the middle of the page reading “Notify me.” What the hell? Notify me of what? Notify me that the cocktail waitress is coming around again? Notify me that I am in my underwear and surrounded by empty tins of baked beans? Of course, considering that “Notify me” was my only option for going forward … presumably to the music I was supposed to beta test, I clicked.

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Music Key then made me declare my country of origin — and it was one of those scrolling deals where you had to go all the way down to the U’s for “United States. I suppose it’s fair that they don’t put the good ol’ U.S. of A inexplicably at the top of the list, but I like me some preferential treatment. Add in my email address (wait, I thought you already had that … it’s how you gave me my special beta access in the first place) and suddenly: nothing. That was it. I got a message saying they’d let me know when something else happened, you know, down the road sometime. Hmm. I felt like Little Orphan Annie was reminding me to always drink my Ovaltine.

So that’s where we stand now. The long delayed Music Key now has a beta test for a shell promising nifty features. In another couple years, hopefully my grandkids’ grandkids will get the email telling them that they are on the cusp of EXPERIENCING MUSIC KEY!

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‘Til then, I guess I’ll start work on making kids. I just wish I had some sexy background music playing while I do it.

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