YouTube & Twitch Get New Games Channel ‘Super Panic Frenzy’ From Discovery, Steve Zaragoza Gets A Body Wax

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Discovery has been innovating hard since acquiring Philip DeFranco’s YouTube empire through their Revision3 brand. Their latest offering? Super Panic Frenzy, a channel that slides into the super popular gaming genre.

Featuring Lets Plays with Mr. DeFranco himself as well as others like Reina Scully and Steven Suptic, the new channel will live on YouTube as well as gaming site Twitch.


In addition to launching the new channel, they’ve built in incentives for gathering subscribers. When they reach the 100,000 and 250,000 subscribers milestones, they will give away free t-shirts. If they reach 500,000 subscribers by March 23, they will either shave Reina’s head or wax Steve Zaragoza’s entire body! There has got to be so much hair on that guy — this will be better than that scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

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Let’s make that second thing happen.

“At Discovery Digital Networks, community drives everything that we create. And, if there’s one thing we know about this community, it’s that they were practically born with a game controller in their hands. They love gaming as much as we do, if not more,” said Jeremy Azevedo, Head of Discovery Digital Networks – Los Angeles. “DeFranco Games is already among the most popular broadcasters on Twitch, ranking as a top 100 channel, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver more of what our audience is clamoring for with SUPER PANIC FRENZY – with an open invitation to our fans, present and future, to come play with us.”

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