YouTuber Rose Ellen Dix Marries Longtime Partner Rosie Spaughton, Posts Wedding Photos On Instagram

This was around 19 years ago in the house where I grew up. Now all my dreams have come true ????????????

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In the ginormous shade of the Phil DeFranco wedding, another YouTube star happily tied the knot with a longtime partner. Rose Ellen Dix, a British charmer who runs the RoseEllenDix channel with her girlfriend Rosie Spaughton, recently posted their wedding photos to Instagram.

The Roxetera and Roseellendix sites both got uploads of beautiful moments from the nuptials, showing that both girls wore wedding dresses and looked amazing. They still haven’t uploaded a video announcement to YouTube, but we’re betting they’re taking some time off for the honeymoon (those photos also available on Instagram)!

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That moment when you are married to the love of your life ????????????????????

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Congrats to you both, looks like it was a wonderful ceremony.

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