YouTubers Who Hate Each Other: Onision’s 6 Most Gossipy Videos

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Onision is the MOST polarizing presence on YouTube these days. His channels are enormously popular, so clearly there is a segment of the viewers who tune in regularly to hear his opinions. The flip side? Some of his opinions are incredibly mean. As in, there’s no reason to be that mean except that it gets views and gets him paid. He’s essentially a shock jock for the online space.

And while we’re not exactly all kittens and rainbows here at NMR, we frown on the idea of being mean just to be mean. Especially in the age of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon who were recently kicked off the X Factor in New Zealand for being bullies.

But Onision has made an absolute killing by creating videos around answering the most popular questions people ask on Google. So the question then becomes: is it the people who are searching for answers that are mean? Or is it still Onision? Maybe he’s just society’s mirror? We trust your intellect to make decisions for yourself, so what do you think?

Here are six of your most burning questions as answered by the “most despised person on YouTube”:

6. Why Do YouTubers Get Paid SO MUCH?

This has been a long burning question for the public that we’ve answered before and will answer again soon.

5. YouTube Celebs Who Hate Onision

How do you know you are disliked? Your enemies list become a source of SEO on the internet.

4. What Celebrities Have Herpes?

This is just personal information that people shouldn’t be googling. But millions of people are.

3. Why Is PewDiePie So Annoying?

For the official record: PewDiePie isn’t annoying, he’s brilliant. Taking his personality and hobby of video games and turning himself into a multimillionaire celebrity is an amazing accomplishment. And Onision, bless his heart, actually agrees.

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