YouTubers Who Quit: 8 Major YouTubers Who Walked Away From Their Channels

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YouTube is just starting to pay out like a goose that poops golden eggs, so I don’t know why these major YouTubers would just up and walk away. Okay, well, I know why some of them up and walked away … but others are a mystery that needs solving. Don’t get me wrong — some of them have returned, but it mostly just isn’t the same. For others, we sit here waiting, still subscribed to their channel, just hoping that they will return. Here are eight of these major YouTubers who for one reason or another have left the game:


Subscribers: 3,713,904

Okay, I don’t think this is real, but considering it just happened a few minutes ago when he released the above video, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Will W2S quit YouTube to work at McDonald’s? Find out soon!

Dax Flame

Subscribers: 128,869

Dax had it all: a wonderfully bizarre channel that paid the bills, adoring fans and the envy of my little brother, who loved his channel. And then one day, Dax was gone. Like Keyser Söze, he just bounced up and out without so much as a “Smell you later, fans.” He returned a few months ago, suspiciously, suddenly touting a new book and a cameo in 22 Jump Street. But just as suddenly he has once again peaced out into that good night.

Charles Ross

Subscribers: 395,130

You might remember Charles Ross as the YouTuber who got arrested for giving wedgies to strangers. If not, no worries, that happened a couple years ago. But for a minute, Ross had a hot commodity with his channel RossCreations. And then he suddenly stopped making videos a year ago. I can’t say we’re too broken up about this? Maybe he got arrested again?


Subscribers: 5,578,516

FPSRussia gets a pass because he took a long hiatus after his producer and friend was murdered and FPS took some heat from that. Also he was investigated by the ATF over his guns. Honestly, we wouldn’t have faulted him for retiring, that’s a lot for a person to go through. But we’re glad he’s back.


Ray William Johnson

Subscribers: 10,803,622

Okay, Ray didn’t exactly abandon YouTube so much as he retired. But he allegedly retired to work on the whole “being a celebrity” thing and so far, we only know that he was in an indie movie and that new videos have surfaced on YouTube involving him. But speculation is that the clips he filmed were old and that he is isn’t really back, but he might be … and we’re all just really confused. Are we dating or aren’t we, Ray?

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