YouTubers Who Quit: 8 Major YouTubers Who Walked Away From Their Channels

5 Second Films

Subscribers: 389,659

You might call foul because they’re still making videos, but they’re only making videos to uphold their promises on Kickstarter for their feature film DudeBro Party Massacre III. Once those obligations are fulfilled, we likely won’t see any more 5 Second Films.


Subscribers: 3,000,297

Ahhh, 3 million subscribers are just sitting here waiting on the KevJumba channel, hoping he’ll come back and make us all laugh. Where is he? Maybe Africa? Remember when he donated that money to build a school there? Maybe he decided to become a teacher there … but can’t he teach AND make us laugh?

Hannah Minx

Subscribers: 588,570

Hannah seems like the biggest mystery here — she ran a fun and popular channel and then just dropped it suddenly a year ago. Blip, abandoned. And she hasn’t come back or hinted at a comeback either. Theorists suspect that she just got tired of all the harassment about her breasts from the creeps and trolls. If that’s truly the case, internet, sometimes you suck.


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