YouTube’s Autoplay Function Has An Off Switch!

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YouTube recently instituted a new function of letting another video automatically play after the one you want to watch has stopped. It’s obnoxious, particularly when your job is writing about YouTube videos and you want to stay on the video’s page while opening up other pages.

Apparently, the secret is in a button up near the top right of your YouTube screen and can be flicked like a lightswitch. Best of all, once turned off, it seems to stay off!

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To be fair to YouTube though, it isn’t like they randomly choose some video of your own design. Say you’re watching an Onision video (which YouTube has been suggesting to me like gangbusters lately after I did one lousy list). Right up after that will be the next video in the Onision progression. So it can be a handy feature if you’re binge-watching YouTube videos by one artist and don’t feel like setting up a playlist. But mostly that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

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