Zayn Malik Quits One Direction: 4 Jobs He Can Do Now

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Zayn Malik formally left One Direction, turning the quintet into a quartet. But dry your tears little ones, it doesn’t mean he will completely fall off the pop culture landscape — just ask JT.

And considering how broken up the internet is, we thought we could step in to help make the transition easier for everyone.

But if Zayn’s not going to do a solo career thing, he should totally hire NMR as his career counselors. We’ve got some great employment opportunities lined up for him (and no, being a snarky writer for NMR isn’t one of them!). What do you think, internet? Is Zayn qualified for one of these gigs?

4. Traffic Cop

What better way to go from One Direction than to start giving actual directions! Sure, handling multiple directions will be a little harder than just the one, but we think he’s up to the challenge.

3. Start a One Direction Tribute Band


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Who better than a former member of One Direction to head up a tribute band dedicated to looking, acting and singing like One Direction. Plus, there wouldn’t be the squabbles with the guys as they only LOOK like his ex-bandmates. All of the music, none of the headaches. Or “stress.”

(Incidentally, with actual One Direction tribute bands are they now going to kick the “Zayn” out of the group? Poor guy…)

2. Tattoo Artist


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Have you seen this guy shirtless? He likes his ink. And what better way to get unlimited tattoos than to become a tattoo artist yourself? He can then give himself tattoos whenever he wants. Like he could dream about a tattoo, wake up and give himself it in bed. Oh wait, hopefully he has a talent for giving tattoos …

1. Music Critic

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Can you imagine the musician turning into the one thing musicians absolutely hate? Me neither, but that’s what makes it a bold choice! Also, if he is angry at One Direction, he can always give their future albums bad reviews. But then, how could anyone possibly do that?


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