Amy Schumer One Direction Parody Shades Boy Bands


Guys! Stop me if this sounds crazy, but is Amy Schumer the new queen of pop? The comedian has been having a field day recently sending up pop music tropes. Her amazing spoof of the iconic booty anthem still has us in stitches, but now the versatile vocalist has jumped genres. If you don’t listen carefully you might mistake her latest parody, “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup,” for a lost One Direction track. It has all the harmonizing hallmarks of a familiar feel-good boy band ballad, but Schumer’s comedic radar zeroes in on irony like no one else. The song takes aim at the ironic double standard of bands praising young fans natural beauty while marketing themselves with perfectly coiffed magazine spreads beside Photoshopped super models.

Fans certainly haven’t missed the point. Schumer asked her followers to tweet makeup-free selifes with the hashtag #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup and she’s been sharing the results all over social media. (Also, if we’re honest, the song is kind of a jam)