Ant-Man Trailer Inspires Us To Make 4 Predictions About the Movie

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With the release of the first actual trailer for Ant-Man, the latest character from the Marvel vault, the internet is droning on about the possibilities of the film (that might be a pun — I don’t remember if worker ants are called drones …). Long story long, we’ve decided to study the initial trailer to make some predictions about what is going to happen in this film. We’ve come up with four ideas that might be completely likely or totally outlandish. Still, we’re going to run ‘em by you and let you decide if we need to stop drinking the bong water after we smoke.

4. An ant queen develops an attraction to Ant Man

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In addition to the standard love interest created by the human/superhuman interactions, movies now need a little extra spark. Expect the queen ant of Scott Lang’s new “colony” to develop possessive feelings for the tiny hero.

3. Michael Douglas makes a lung cancer joke

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Playing Dr. Hank Pym, the original Ant Man, Michael Douglas is best known recently for surviving lung cancer. Because of the interlap between celebrity gossip and movies, expect there to be a winking nod to how Michael Douglas’ character doesn’t smoke.

2. Expect at least one celebrity cameo from the Judd Apatow/Will Ferrell world

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Paul Rudd is a longtime benefactor of the buddy comedy circuit. He was one of the core crew in Anchorman as well as in Knocked Up and its sequel This Is Forty. Expect a Seth Rogen/Ben Stiller cameo in here somewhere. If they didn’t show, it would be such a waste of an opportunity considering that Will Ferrell’s BFF Adam Mckay wrote the script.

1. The head bad guy doesn’t die

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I won’t pretend to be an Ant Man expert or even an Ant Man fan, but I’ve got the vibe that YellowJacket doesn’t die here and we’re left to trot around with him for future sequels. I desperately want a deus ex machina that results in Yellowjacket being swatted by the hand of some random. But the reality is that they are likely going to do combat for four or five more movies, which is depressing.

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