AwesomenessTV Launches Awestruck Lifestyle Channel For Millennial Moms

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AwesomenessTV has long been known for catering to the young YouTube circuit, but now they’re going after the older generation as well. Launching Awestruck, a new network that offers lifestyle videos for moms of millennials, AwesomenessTV has found a great way to bridge the online age and conversation gap.

Debuting later this year through original content airing on YouTube, Facebook video and Verizon Wireless’ upcoming video service, Awestruck will look to engage parents who have discovered the social media universe largely through their active kids.

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“Millennial moms are digitally savvy, globally conscious and defined by more than just motherhood, yet they are surprisingly underserved,” said Brian Robbins, CEO and founder of AwesomenessTV. “We recognized a similar opportunity when we launched AwesomenessTV as teen viewing habits were dramatically shifting to online video. Awestruck will engage millennial moms as their viewing behaviors make a similar shift.”

Featuring both scripted and unscripted content, Awestruck will focus on the “nearly 80 percent of millennial moms [who] are watching short form content, with less than 40 percent tuning into traditional television,” according to the 2014 U.S. Mobile Mom report.

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In charge of Awestruck? None other than Sarah Penna, co-founder of Big Frame, the talent management company who works alongside AwesomenessTV, who is also a mom herself.

It’s a sharp idea from a company with the smarts to pull it off correctly. Too bad I’m not a mom. Maybe they’ll start a network for “badass mo-fos who report on new media happenings” next?

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